Best Posts of 2020: A lot of watches, some shoes, and being a stylish dad

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Last week we recognized the Best Affordable Style of 2020, focusing on the top products pumped out by the retail establishment. This week we’re taking a look back at the best (at least what WE consider the best) of what Dappered had to offer in 2020. Not trying to toot our own horn here. Consider this more of an exercise in recognizing what was popular with the Dappered readers, so we continue to create informative content in the New Year. And by the way, to those Dappered readers: thanks.


10 Quartz Watches even Watch Snobs should like

I’ll just pull from the intro of this post, as it sums it up best: “Nothing about the wristwatch industry makes sense. Not only should they have been relegated to buggy-whip territory when mobile phones became ubiquitous, the most prized, expensive, desirable wristwatches are actually the worst performing. Mechanical timepieces are not as accurate as quartz. Yet “everyone” wants a Rolex, and nobody wants a Timex. OR DO THEY. Here are ten quartz-powered watches that even some watch snobs would (reluctantly) tip their impeccably crafted bowlers at. M’lady.”


The Best Affordable Watches for Grads or Dads of 2020

Every year this particular post gets a good amount of traffic. Whether you’re buying for a dad or grad, yourself, or you just like virtual window shopping, a wide variety of watches are featured in this post. There’s usually something for just about every person and every budget. If you’re gifting a watch anytime soon it might be helpful to peruse the suggestions.


10 Things I learned building my affordable watch collection

Contributor Zach S. has popped in and out of the Dappered universe with regularity, more often than not sharing his impressions of a watch he recently picked up. This particular contribution he turned in last year shared a lot of valuable information about building a watch collection. At the end he share’s a bonus piece of advice that might just be the most important: have fun with it. Check out Zach’s contributions here.


In Review: The Lorier Neptune II Dive Watch

Newer contributor Aaron K. certainly impressed with his knowledge about and interest in timepieces, yet equally impressive was his photography skills. He seems to have claimed his place as our resident Lorier Watch reviewer, and he’s applied his skills to a few other timepieces as well. This particular review was popular last year, but you can check out all his reviews here.


From Oxfords to Sneakers: The 5 Styles of Shoes Every Guy Needs

An update on a post from 2016 with valuable advice for the guy that wants to be prepared, but also values minimalism. As long as you have these 5 pairs you should be set for any occasion life throws at you.


10 Tips for Staying Stylish If/When You Become a Dad

Becoming a parent can be exhausting, and style and self care can easily take a back seat to simply trying to keep a small human alive. Contributor Ryan N. has some experience in this space, and offered up his advice on maintaining your style, and sanity, when you become a parent.

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